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Sergey Gorpinyuk


17 years in diving

14 years in professional diving

About 4,500 dives, including over 2,000 technical dives

Maximum depth – 152 meters

The longest dive – 8 hours 21 minutes

Top distance covered in one dive (with fins) – 10,300 meters

Sergey has taught two Instructor Trainers, dozens of Instructors and hundreds of Divers. He has the knowledge, skills and experience. He has lots to share with students and instructors.

Alexander Danilin


Alexander’s first dive was in Crimea in 1985. Diving had stayed his hobby for a long while before he started teaching in 2010.

- Alexander teaches all types of recreational diving.

- He teaches technical diving as well, including trimix and cave diving.

- Alexander trains Dive Masters and Instructors.

- He has developed unique training techniques focused on perfecting buoyancy control among other skills.

Roman Rokin


Roman started diving in the Aegian Sea in 2008. After the very first dive he decided to become a diving professional. That decision was followed by a long journey – he first developed as a diver while diving all around the world, then got the appropriate training to become an instructor. These days, Roman teaches a variety of courses from beginner’s levels to technical diving courses. His favourites are cave and wreck diving. He has a lot of experience diving in cold water.

Humans have been to other planets but 80% of the ocean has never been studied. Today, we can help you open the doors into that mysterious world!

Sergey Novozhonov


Sergey has taught diving and free diving courses since 2015.

- Divemaster, Rescue, Dry suite, Nitrox, OWD – a total of 7 qualifications.

- Free Diving Basic, free diving swimming techniques

- Underwater photography teaching, digital video recording and editing

- Teaching advanced swimming techniques in diving

- Support of diving groups during their journeys

The main professional principle is “No success is final; no failure is fatal. In the end, what matters is the courage required to move beyond your limits”.

Terekhov Pavel


Advanced Nitrox Instructor IANTD

Advanced Nitrox Support Diver

Alexander Simonov


USSR Master of Sports

1987-1991 alumnus of the State Central Order of Lenin Institute of Physical Education (SCOLIPE)

Diving since 1998, with over 1,000 hours underwater.

Evgenia Peskova


Evgenia started diving in 2004. For 11 years, she has been an instructor, with 8 years spent living and working in Dahab – one of the best locations for recreational and technical diving. She has over 5,000 dives under her belt, including over 200 technical dives. Kristina has a lot of experience working with kids and disabled divers. She finds the best training solutions for each of her students based on their individual needs.

Angela Belevich


Normoxic Trimix Diver IANTD

Introductory Cave Diver

Trimix Gas Blender

Kristina Zyuganova


IANTD Instructor candidate

Active, happy and curious. She is up for doing intro dives at any time of day and night.

First dive – in 2009, after which diving became a fundamental part of Kristina’s life.

Igor Zhivukhin

Service centre engineer

Igor is a certified repairs and service technician for regulators and other diving equipment:

- Atomic

- Aqualung

- Apex

- Scubapro

- Dive-Rite

- Sherwood

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