scuba diving in an oceanarium

9 December 2017 10.00 – 13.00   10:00 - 13:00

Our plan is to do some scuba diving in an oceanarium with real sea creatures!

The oceanarium is home to tropical sea creatures, with several types of sharks, batfish, mantas, barracudas, turtles, triggerfish, gropers, Napoleons and other types of reef fish – over 5.000 types in total! You will swim through transparent tunnels going over the corridors full of Oceanarium visitors. It is a very unusual experience to be in a seemingly familiar sea environment but being able to see both the underwater world and the people on the other side of the glass looking at you (go ahead, wave hello to them!).

Just in one dive, you will be able to see more than in a whole week of doing a regular diving trip to a sea or an ocean.

The Oceanarium dives will be available both to certified divers and beginners in the intro regime.

This is a very interesting family adventure where half of the family can be diving and the other half watching them, and then they can swap and experience the other part of the fun!

Price list:

For Dive Masters and Instructors – RUB 6,000

For certified divers – RUB 7,000

Camera pass – RUB 1,000

A ticket to the Oceanarium to watch through the tunnel how your friends dive (without diving yourself) – RUB 1,500


Water temperature is 25-26⁰C.

There are only 6 spaces available for those who want to dive. The amount of people admitted to watch is unlimited. :)

Cave diving course in the Orda Cave

1 march - 7 march 2018 г

Sergey Gorpinyuk will be holding a Cave diving course in the Orda Cave. If requested, the course schedule could be extended to 22 February – 15 March. If you would like to just dive in the cave without joining the course – you are welcome! (The appropriate qualifications are required).

Qualification requirements for the Cave Diver course:

AOWD + DRY SUIT + Intro to Cave

Diving experience – at least 100 dives, including at least 30 dry suit dives.

Any one of the following qualifications: IANTD Essentials, GUE Fundamentals, TDI Intro to Tech. Strong skills in using a dry suit and doubles.

Strong backwards finning technique sufficient to be able to hover in one place and move freely in any direction.

The course will last 6 days and will include a total of 20 hours of lectures, briefs and debriefs. We will do 8 – 10 cave dives.

The course will focus on comprehensive navigation, team work, stage management and calculation of gas mixes for multi-stage dives.

After successfully completing the course, the students will receive an international certificate that will allow them to dive in different caves around the world.


The fee is RUB 48,000 and includes the instructor’s support.

The fee does not include the cost of dive centre services, transportation costs, accommodation, etc.

The fee does not include the transportation costs and dive centre services costs incurred by the instructor. These costs will be split in equal shares among all students on the course.


The training will be done strictly in accordance with IANTD standards and the regulations set out by the local diving centre.


Important note: the students are paying for the instructor’s work. Certificates will only be issued to the students who will successfully complete test assignments. Before the course begins, all students will receive an explanation of what the test assignments will be like. All exams will take place at the end of the course.

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