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Our standard thermals are designed as a one-piece two-layer undersuit

The undersuit is custom-made using Polartec Power Stretch – hi-tech sports fabrics manufactured in the USA and Italy.

We use reliable YKK zippers.

The benefit of varied layers is the retained flexibility of arms and legs combined with a maximum thermal protection in a horizontal trim.

The materials we use are effective in retaining heat while wicking away moisture.

The breathable external layer easily lets air through the dry suit exhaust valve.

Our standard thermals are designed as a one-piece undersuit with side pockets, an elastic sewn into the back at the waistline to ensure a better fit, elastic wrists and ankles, straps fitted on the legs.

The undersuit comes with two side pockets, a compression sack and a hat with wind-proof ears.

Additional options:

- A chest pocket designed for a leak-proof container;

- Knee pockets with protective knee inserters;

- Wrist straps designed for thumbs;

- Quilted back, arms and lower legs;

- Embroidered name or initials of the owner;

- A hole for a dry suit heater cable.


Thermal undersuit «Polar base 300»

16 000,00 руб.Цена
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